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It's Our Time!

We are experiencing a life changing chapter in our stories that will reshape our society, our abilities, our identities. We have the unique opportunity of being forced to slow down, shift our focus inward and become the best versions of ourselves. While fear may sometimes be present; we can rest assured that every moment is a precious gift and an opening to change the world for the better. Every moment is a chance to be empathetic. Empathy is the ability to experience the thoughts, feelings and attitudes of others. Every moment is an opportunity to be compassionate. Compassion is feeling deep sorrow for someone who has misfortune and having a desire to alleviate their suffering. Every moment is an opportunity to be mindful. Being mindful means paying attention, being careful and aware of yourself and surroundings.

Speak Power To Yourself

In the absence of materialism; we find moments alone with our thoughts and feelings. We can begin to reimagine ourselves by taking an inventory ( self check-in) of how we feel and what we think about. You can do this by keeping a journal or piece of paper close to your bed and recording three thoughts before you sleep and doing the same when you wake up. As we become aware of what we are thinking and feeling we establish power. We can speak life into ourselves and create our positive mindset. Look into the mirror and say, “ I am powerful because I made it through another day” Don’t underestimate yourself; remember how strong you are, how far you’ve come.

  • Self Care

  • Rest

  • Drink water

  • Clean your space

  • Be creative

  • Exercise

  • Invest in things that make home feel like home

  • Build a sanctuary in your space even if it’s a small space in a corner (put a piece of art or something unique to you in your sanctuary)

As we push ourselves to come out of this better, wiser and stronger we can actualize the idea of a healthier planet and more peaceful societies. We can adapt to change and we can be a part of creating the present and the future. This is our time!

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